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Meet Jerry Brook, Creator and Author of Good Together.

"It's my mission to help, encourage and inspire individuals and groups to cultivate relationships through fun, personalized interactions."

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People are feeling more disconnected than ever. There is a loneliness epidemic occurring all over the world. People are searching for ways to build and maintain healthy relationships.

Some of the tools that we thought would combat these feelings have instead exacerbated them. Social media works to differentiate and therefore isolate rather than to integrate and amalgamate.

Relationships are built and maintained a little at a time, day by day, interaction by interaction. The problem is that day-to-day life takes its toll on relationships. There are too many distractions. People have difficulty connecting, and even after they are connected, they don’t feel like they have the time to maintain or strengthen those connections.

I understand the stresses that relationships can cause. I’ve researched the issue and created a solution. The “Good Together Game” App was created to help people strengthen their relationships through fun, personalized interactions.

Download the game today and try it for yourself, it’s free – for now.

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After too many failed relationships I looked in the mirror and made a long hard assessment of myself. I asked myself all of the difficult questions. What was I doing wrong, how was I doing it, and more, why was I doing it? I searched for answers, not just any answers. I rejected the answers that made me feel good about myself, or the answers that simply validated my bad behaviors. I approached the subject as an observer, “what would I think if I saw someone else acting this way?”.

Along the way I documented my findings. I soon realized that I wasn’t alone in my false beliefs, and that my notes might be of help to others as well. Out of this excursion a book was formed, “Good Together, A Journey Through Relationships”.

It is full of short anecdotes from my personal life. And how they could have been handled differently.

It is available on Amazon.

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The topic of healthy relationships is near and dear to my heart. There is more to healthy relationships than any single book, website, or person, can cover.

I enjoy talking to others, answering their questions, getting their feedback, and exchanging stories, in person or over the internet. We all have something to contribute.

If you’d like to, have me speak at your event, as a guest on a podcast, or on a live stream, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Start Using the Good Together App Today so you can be one step closer to ending the cycle of loneliness and frustration and instead start building better relationships.

And in the meantime, read Author and Creator, Jerry Brook's Guide on "The 5 Key Steps to Happiness."

Relationship guru Jerry Brook is challenging conventional relationship advice. If you are looking for a way; to find, or to create healthier relationships. Or a way to enhance, evaluate, or end your existing relationships, Good Together is the place for you.

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