The Good Together Game


This is a game with a purpose.

Helping people to build better relationships, while at the same time having fun.

The game gets people comfortable interacting with each other.

And at the same time the game teaches people how to interact with one another.

With every positive interaction people build, not only that, relationship, but they build their confidence in relationships in general.

For a limited time, the app is free. And the app does not collect any data.

What I Do








Jerry Brook writes as if the two of you were sitting over coffee working out your relationship.

In thoughtful, compelling language, he explores the complex nuances of relationships. His goal? To help you create Good Together relationships of all kinds.

Jerry isn’t simply interested in giving advice. Far from it.

His writing helps you investigate the whys and hows of your friendships, family dynamics, partnerships, business and commercial relationships, and those all important intimate relationships.

Not content to tell you what, he shows you how…to understand yourself and others, to communicate more succinctly and honestly, to make decisions, and so on.

And he tells you why there are better ways to conduct your relationships.

As a writer, Jerry speaks directly to the questions you have about your relationships. And then he shows you the ways to make them


"Good Together".

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Good Together


Play hard to get. All's fair in love and war. Communication is key. Opposites attract.


These are the adages of relationships we've come to accept. Yet, relationship guru Jerry Brook is challenging conventional relationship advice.

Through trial and error, study and research, he has come up with a new roadmap to all types of relationships between you and family, between you and friends, between you and co-workers, and between you and a lover or potential one.

In his new book, Good Together: A Journey Through Relationships, Jerry encourages readers to examine the individual, to look within, first.


Jerry Brook’s presence in a room changes everything. His dynamic character, careful analysis, and keen observations will keep you fascinated.

As a social speaker, he uses interesting and authentic examples to keep the attention of audiences of all kinds… families, corporate gatherings, and intimate partners.

Jerry is an energetic and powerful speaker for your next meeting. And he’s sure to surprise you with his “unconventional wisdom.”

In his book, on his website, and in personal speaking engagements, he examines personality and relationship models.

He reveals, the phases of relationships; the expectations and responsibilities of relationships, the types of communication we develop, the “rules” we’ve been told, and the advice we’ve been given.

He now knows how to make a relationship Good Together.

It’s a journey and he will show you how to build a roadmap to better relationships…of all kinds



They’ve been lying to you…

How “conventional wisdom” is hurting your relationships

Jerry Brook is The Good Together Guru, and he can help you make your relationships better. Really.

Now he isn’t a fancy Ph.D. therapist or M.D. What he is, is a person just like you. He has had his share of failed relationships…personal, business, intimate. And he decided to figure out why some relationships succeed and some fail.

His career trained him to be analytical and observant. So, he put those qualities to the test.

And one thing that he learned over the past several years of studying relationships is that the “conventional wisdom” you’ve been taught doesn’t work. You’ve heard the advice: “you need to communicate,” “relationships are about compromise,” all's fair in love and war,” and so on.

Some of it is partially wrong, some of it entirely wrong, and some of it is destructive. And he can, and does, explain why. 

Better than that, he can show you how to create Good Together relationships in your own life.

As selfish as it may seem, it all begins with you.
You are the common link in all of your relationships.

A Little About Me

I’m Jerry Brook, the Good Together Guru.

But, before I tell you who am, I’m going to tell you what I’m not.

I’m not a psychologist, I’m not a therapist, I’m not a Ph.D., and I’m not a medical professional.

Who I am, is an ordinary person, just like you.

I, just like you, have over the years, experienced the ups and downs of relationships.

I’ve lived, I’ve loved, and I’ve laughed. I’ve lost, I’ve had regrets, and I’ve made a lot of mistakes.

I’ve also delved deeply into the “conventional wis-dumb” that is relationship advice. For much the same reasons as you may have; to gain some understanding into the mechanics of relationships, to learn more about myself, and to learn how to do a better job of navigating my relationships in the hope of making sense of it all.

What I have learned along my journey is that most of this aforementioned “wisdom” is just wrong—maybe not all of it, but a lot of it. And yet, we continue to consider it, read it, hand it out to our friends and loved ones, and practice it ourselves, even when we know that it’s not going to be all that useful, or, end all that well.

I'd like to show you what I've learned.

I'd like to show you how to have better relationships.