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Jerry Brook is an energetic and powerful speaker, perfect for your next corporate meeting or team-building event. His unconventional wisdom is a breath of fresh air, as surprising as it is energizing, as real and relatable as it is empowering.

Jerry is a Relationship Guru. Teamwork is built on relationships. Gaining a deeper understanding of collaboration and how we work together will ignite your team culture, build trust, and clear barriers, transforming everyday working relationships into highly effective associations, boosting morale and illuminating the issues that so often impede our progress.

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The moment Jerry Brook enters a room, the energy changes – palpably. His dynamic character, his warm nature, his careful analysis, and keen observations keep an audience fascinated from the moment he begins. What ensues is both enlightening and engaging, illuminating the nuances of interpersonal relationships in ways many have likely not considered.

As a social speaker, Jerry applies interesting and authentic examples from his real-life experience, commanding attention from audiences of all kinds. He appeals to groups that include; families, corporate groups, and intimate partners, who are looking for ways to improve their connection.

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Understanding yourself comes first. Understanding the nature of specific types of relationships helps you to gauge your expectations in such a way that allows you to be more truly who you are and see your relationships for what they are – an essential component of your own life’s journey. Through Jerry’s thoughts and guidance, the quality of your relationships with others will improve, your relationship with yourself will improve, and the mysteries of life, love, and connection will unfold. It’s not so much a “magic solution” as it is a realization, a mastery of conditions that exist, whether we choose to embrace them or not.

What you don’t know about relationships may be hurting you

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Jerry Brook knows how to make a relationship Good Together

In his book, on his website, and in personal speaking engagements, Jerry examines the gamut of personality types and relationship models. Using real-life experiences to illustrate various situations, he presents a highly analytical yet relatable portrait of relationship mechanics – the good, the bad, and the uncomfortable.

We have all lost in love, in business, and in everyday life, and all of this boils down to how we approached a situation and how we handled it in the end. Many of us continue to struggle with these disappointments. The memory and ongoing hurt of these struggles and the inability to differentiate between the part we play in the situation compared to that of the other party – these are the things that impede our growth and potential.

We’ve been given rules. We’ve been told to expect this and not to assume that. We’ve trusted conventional wis-dumb because it came from a best-selling book or a famous author. We’ve bowed to the advice of a relationship expert who has no idea who we are or what we hope to accomplish.

Diving deep into these topics, Jerry Brook has discovered that to make relationships work, we must first look within and then consider human nature in general. Yes, there are patterns, but they don’t always follow what we know as “conventional wis-dumb.”

Sometimes, you have to reach into the spaces in between to find real solutions that resonate.


Jerry’s unconventional wisdom is the key to truly understanding the nature of our relationships and how to foster genuine connections, relationships that are “Good Together.”

So many of us stumble through our days feeling like we have no control over the direction our life has taken, either in friendship, love, or business. We feel that we need to play the cards that we are dealt and that it’s not always going to be pleasant.


True enough. However, when we learn more about what makes relationships “tick” – that is, the dynamics of relationships, the expectations, the wants versus the needs – we can finally learn to understand how to navigate this journey successfully and, perhaps most importantly, with our eyes wide open.

And that is where the magic happens.

In his speaking engagements, Jerry reveals, in his own inimitable, passionate, and energetic style, the phases of relationships, the expectations and responsibilities of relationships, the types of communication we tend to develop, the “rules” we’ve been told, and the advice we’ve been given. Better yet, he shows you how to make sense of it all.