Good Together:
A Journey Through Relationships 
by Jerry Brook



“Good Together: A Journey Through Relationships soothes like a trusted friend or big brother saying “you aren’t defective, It’s OK! You were looking for different things!” I found myself looking at my own past relationships and applying Brook’s viewfinder.”

—Diane Gremmel, Reader’s Cloud Nine

Play hard to get.
All’s fair in love and war. Communication is key. Opposites attract.

These are the adages of relationships we’ve come to accept. Yet, relationship guru Jerry Brook is challenging conventional relationship advice. Through trial and error, study and research, he has come up with a new roadmap to all types of relationships—between you and family, between you and friends, between you and co-workers, and between you and a lover or potential one. In his new book, Good Together: A Journey Through Relationships, Jerry encourages readers to examine the individual, to look within, first.

Good Together: A Journey Through Relationships provides honest accounts from Jerry’s own experiences and invites readers to recognize the detours that impede successful relationships. He teaches readers how to think critically and make decisions that are right for the individual instead of parroting conventional wisdom.

“My hope is that people gain introspection on themselves,” Jerry says. “Why do we do the things that we do, and what do we truly need or want out of our relationships? To maintain better relationships, we must first understand ourselves.”

Good Together: A Journey Through Relationships is arranged into three sections. The first part explains what relationships actually are and delves into the four styles—family, friends, intimate, and business. It also explains why we do the things we do in relationships and where bad relationship advice came from in the first place.


The next section explores relationship myths and offers analytical alternatives.


The final section discusses—on an underlying level—what it truly means to love, lie, cheat, trust, and forgive. 

The ultimate goal of Good Together: A Journey Through Relationships is to help people have better relationships. This book is for anyone who has ever entered in a relationship—whether it be with a loved one or a business partner—followed all the rules and still came out burnt in the end.

“There is one thing that all your relationships have in common,” Jerry adds. “You! You must know who you are first. Our relationships—whether through family, friends, work, or romance—are not all that different from one another. So, when we understand ourselves, we can understand how best to relate with others.”

In Jerry’s Good Together: A Journey Through Relationships, readers are invited to reflect on the following themes:

  • Identifying relationship myths and offering alternative, practical solutions

  • Why collaboration, not competition, is paramount in relationships

  • The different styles and stages of relationships

  • The issue with traditional marriage vows

  • Effective communication techniques

  • And much more!

Jerry Brook, “The Good Together Guru,” fuses his relationship experience with a background in analytics to help others maintain better relationships. He draws on his own personal relationships to offer practical, intelligent, and sometimes funny relationship stories and advice.