Good Together

a Journey Through Relationships

Imagine your favorite book. For most people, this means that reading it makes you feel like you’re connecting with a good friend. Jerry Brook is that kind of writer. He writes as if the two of you were sitting in a comfortable place, working out your relationship problems over a good cup of coffee – and this is what it can be like: safe, respectful, honest, intriguing. After all, it’s about getting better at relationships, which is something that most of us are highly motivated to do.

​In thoughtful, compelling language, Jerry’s writings explore the complex nuances of relationships with the ultimate goal of helping you create Good Together relationships of all kinds.


There are Many Types of Relationships

From casual friendships and work relationships to your relationships with business partners, best friends, and family, how we manage our relationships is the key to lasting happiness and success. The problem is, that on the one hand these relationships are not all the same, while on the other hand they aren’t all that different from one another. By their very nature, each relationship has very particular, and often, subtle nuances that can be misconstrued, precipitating a chain reaction of events that are disruptive, distracting, and sometimes damaging to the psyche.

​So, how do we address this? Many people seek out advice from the “authorities,” some of whom are doctors or therapists, and others who are merely self-declared relationship experts who tout their philosophies as gospel. It’s sad to say that, in many of these cases, that advice just doesn’t add up.

Understanding is the First Step in Mastering Relationships

Jerry Brook isn’t interested in simply handing out relationship advice on a carte-blanche basis. Far from it. His writing will help you investigate the why’s and the how’s of your friendships, family dynamics, partnerships, business and commercial relationships, and intimate relationships. What you will discover is how to understand yourself better. You will learn how to make sense of how others behave as well as how they respond to you. Using real-world examples, Jerry will show you how to piece together an accurate illustration of who you are and how you connect to the most significant (and less significant) people in your life.

Relationships are not Black or White

It’s not about dictating. It’s not about black or white, right or wrong. It’s about human nature, it’s about the communication challenges we face in today’s highly technological world. It’s about finding your own way – because your way is truly like nobody else’s.

​You see, Jerry is not content with examining just the what. This is the travesty of much of today’s “conventional wis-dumb.” Focusing on only the what is like rehashing the same old story. You know what the problem is. In order to make the necessary changes, what you really need to know is why we do, say, think, and respond the way we do to others, and by the same token, why others do, say, think, and respond the way they do to us.

​Jerry takes the discussion a giant step further moving from the why to the how. Jerry shows you how … how to understand yourself and others, how to communicate more succinctly and honestly, how to make better decisions for yourself, and how to find and nurture sustainability and consistency in all of your relationships.

​Only after exploring, and understanding, the why and the how can we determine the what. Understanding the parts and pieces of the puzzle, where they come from, and how they fit together, are the keys to making sense of it all.

​No longer willing to let these secrets be buried under volumes of useless, generic, outdated, conventional wis-dumb, Jerry will finally show you what you really need to know: the why and the how of better ways to conduct your relationships.

Simple, Satisfying, Illuminating

What you’re going to learn through Jerry’s writing is illuminating in its simplicity. Jerry takes a practical approach to solving the mysteries of relationships, speaking directly to the most frequently asked questions you have, lighting a path that helps you avoid adversity and friction while gaining a deeper understanding of the nature of relationships, your part in their outcome, and how people respond to the signals that you send out.

​It’s partly intuitive and partly proven science. It applies the challenges of the real world to every type of relationship – not just the intimate kind. Jerry takes on the darker corners of matters, of the head, of the heart, and of the soul, and brings them into the light in a way that is real, relatable, respectful, and reliable. And then … he shows you all the ways you can make them Good Together.

​To learn more about Jerry Brook and his published works, join Good Together today.